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Software development is a continuing process. It is kindly hoped to receive continuing development / maintainance allowance.
Currently, Easer is maintained by myself in my spare time. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t make any promise about the time spent in maintaining Easer (though I really like it and put a lot of effort into it).

If you like Easer or would like to see it growing well, please consider donation – that I could, maybe, buy a better pack of food so that I won’t easily get a stomachache LOL. Any amout is welcome, and I kindly appreciate your support.

You can donate to Easer through one of the following methods:

If you believe Easer lacks some functionality you needs and would like to pay for its development, you could consider creating a (Bounty) Issue.

Alternative, you can also donate to me.

If you believe other methods of donation may be useful or better, please contact me:

email AT ryey DOT icu