About me

I'm Rui Zhao, a PhD student in AIAI (former CISA), supervised by Prof. Malcolm Atkinson, Dr. Petros Papapanagiotou and Dr. Jacques Fleuriot.

No, the alpaca is not me.

My topic focuses on modelling data-use policy (data-governance rules) to make them interpretable by machines, and to perform automated reasoning on data flow graphs to check compliance and to derive downstream data-use policies.

See my research page for a more detailed description.
See here for my CV.

Other than research

Apart from my PhD research, I'm an open-source contributor. See this page for a coarse summary.
Want a highlight? Try Easer on your phone: Easer is an user-defined explicit automation app for Android.

Apart from computing, I enjoy reading and exploring mental boundaries, and I can play some Guqin.

Contact me & my other presence

You can contact me via email rui.zhao AT ed.ac.uk

You may also find my presence through one of the links (SNS, etc) at the bottom of the page.