My current work mainly involves improving the privacy and empowering users of data use in the decentralised data architectures like SoLiD. That mainly lies on the following topics:

  1. How to securely and efficiently (collaboratively) use multiple users’ data in a decentralised data architecture?
  2. How to empower users and give them more control and understanding of their data use?
    1. What governance requirements the users and the applications would have?
    2. How to use a sensible a data Terms of Use framework to lower the user’s recognition overhead?
  3. How to properly facilitate users to use the the technologies we provided?

That also bridges back with my PhD work on modelling and reasoning of data-use policies in decentralised contexts.

PhD work

My PhD work mainly focused on formally modelling and compliance reasoning of data-use policies (or data Terms of Use, as we call it now) in decentralised collaboration contexts (e.g. interdisciplinary research / collaboration like e-Science). That involves the following questions:

  1. How to formally model data-use policies taking the properties of decentralised contexts into account?
  2. How to deal with the Multi-Input-Multi-Output nature of the workflows in such data-processing contexts?
  3. How to derive the data-use policies for the output data?
  4. How to check compliance of such policies?

See my previous research homepage for more details if interested.